Jan Mayen is a volcanic island of norwegian dominion, located in the north atlantic ocean, 950km west of Norway, 600 km north of Iceland. The view of the island is dominated by the active volcano, Beerenberg (2277m), which had its last eruption in 1985.

During three weeks, From September 15th, 2021 until October 5th, 2021, a group of four operators will be heading for Jan Mayen Island (71 degrees North), and during 14 days operation be active using the already confirmed callsign JXØX.

Jan Mayen and its surrounding sea waters became a Nature reserve some years ago, imposing heavy restrictions on where to set up a camp. Camping is strictly forbidden in the Nature reserve itself. Jan Mayen is also controlled by the Norwegian Armed Forces, and they authorize the camp setup. Current crew is a total of 18, running the Galileo and Egnos stations, the meteorological station and maintaining the infrastructure – buildings, roads, airstrip, power station and so on.

The QTH given by the Military will be on the western part of the island, Kvalrossbukta, which is also the best suitable location for North American contacts with an unobstructed path across saltwater.

The license is confirmed and we have all necessary permits from the Norwegian authorities to stay on Jan Mayen during the above-mentioned period.

We are presently in close negotiation with a number of shipowners using Polar-designed vessels. The preliminary plan is to leave from North Norway on September 15th (PM) and expect to reach Jay Mayen, 3 days later, depending on sea conditions. Set up of our tent camp as well as antenna installations will take place on September 18th, and operation will start as soon as possible on a few bands, not later than 24 hours from arrival to the island. The Military has required the vessel to be stand-by outside Jan Mayen during the operation to ensure the safety of the operators. As we approach the end of September and October, we are prepared to endure challenging weather conditions, as the winter storms are usually beginning in October.