We will run four stations simultaneously, aiming for 24/7 operation. The main modes will be CW, Digi, and some SSB.

Key Focus:

This expedition will have a clear Low band focus (160, 80, 60, 40, and 30 meters).

The attached statistics below, confirm the high need for Jan Mayen on Low Bands, with Global rating of Most Wanted DXCC between 21-42 (160 through 30 meters) The corresponding figures for North America on the same bands are Most Wanted DXCC between 9-19!

As a result of selective extensive SSB usage from several previous operations, the overall figure for JX is not that low. Hence, we will focus mainly on low bands and the most desired modes of operation (CW and Digi).

A geographical focus area will for the given reasons be North America among a few others.

However, we will ensure that we will also be able to activate 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10 meters but low band antennas will have a clear priority. Also, other continents will needless to say be worked, but we are keen on following the propagation and utilize when the band is open to distant locations apart from Europe.

QSO Target:

Based on previous JX operations and considering the sunspot minimum, we still aim to work 50000 QSOs. This will also be the first serious Digital mode effort in many years, and we anticipate that there will be a high demand for FTx contacts, while we will try to have 1 multi-channel station active, using Fox and Hound Mode. The dedicated CW ops with also good SSB skills will ensure that the three CW/SSB stations will maximize the operation and yield high rates and utilize short band openings to distant locations with a high amount of DX’ers needing the rare entity.

DX Code of Conduct:

Needless to say, we will 100% support the DX Code of Conduct